The Cattle Bros Story That Came To Be...

Have you ever heard of the Cattle Brothers? Please imagine the Spanish Vaqueros between the 12th and 15th centuries, to be more specific, lush grassy knolls on the Spanish hillsides. Picture the market place within the medieval city walls of Avila.
The legacy of the Texas Longhorns surprisingly dates back to this very setting. A persistent Italian explorer, a visionary, received sponsorship from the Royal hand of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. At once he set sail to navigate a faster route of trade. Instead, he proved the naysayers irrelevant discovering a whole new world. The first 200 cattle were brought to the California beaches on a second voyage by a Spanish missionary. These New World cattle became heartier over hundreds of generations. Demand for this stock from the Eastern settlements with the convenience of the steel highway, the railroad, gave birth to the Chicago cattle exchanges and the Chicago stockyards. Next came the iconic American cowboy, the invention of barbed wire fencing and the all American New York strip loin. Fast forward to today and we give you the golden vision here at

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At Cattle Bros we are dedicated to bringing our customers high quality products at affordable prices and terms. We enjoy meeting new customers and making lasting friendships along the way. Cattle Bros brings a unique and healthy option to the food & renewable energy markets. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions on our product & service guarantees! Here at Cattle Bros, we're making the world greener one steak at a time".
Ryan Avila
Owner | Operator of Cattle Bros Steak, Seafood & Solar
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