Share Custom Carts w/ Customers *** Important for Custom Charges/ Subscriptions ***

  1. Pick a product – Choose any product to add to your cart from your Agent Account. This could be a regular shop item, an agent custom charge, or an agent custom subscription.
  2. Go back to your dashboard – After adding the item(s) to your cart, head back to “My Account” Dashboard.
  3. Share your cart – Click on “Cart Sharing.” You’ll see the items you added.
  4. Enter customer details – Below, type in the name of the customer, then click “Create.”
  5. Wait for the link – Hold on a sec, and a link will pop up. You can copy this link and send it to your customer through email or text.
  6. Customer checks out – When the customer clicks the link, they’ll go straight to checkout to buy the item.

***Quick NOTE:*** Make sure to empty or delete the cart items after each time. This makes sure your next cart share is clean and ready for a new customer.

***Customer Retention NOTE:*** Using this method adds new or old customers to your “Agent Customers” list. You can see their purchase history, account info, and even order for them in the future right from the “Agent Customers” tab.

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